Shabana Azmi to play

shabanaRenowned Indian actors Shabana Azmi and Farooque Shaikh will be staging the acclaimed play Tumhari Amrita in Kathmandu on 16 September as part of a fund-raising drive for the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC) in Kabhre.

Tumhari Amrita was written by Javed Siddiqui and is directed by Feroz Abbas Khan, the well-known Indian theater personality. The play is a love story in a unique format: the tale unfolds through a series of letters written over 35 years between Amrita (played by Azmi) and Zulfi (played by Shaikh).

Beginning in 1940 with an invitation to Amrita’s eighth birthday party, the two friends come closer against the backdrop of India’s tumultuous history: from Independence and Partition in 1947 to the Emergency of 1975, and subsequent events. As the two correspondents discuss these and other happenings, their letters are marked by wit,
jibes, arguments and inevitable patch-ups.

Soon the friends evolve into different and complex personalities. Zulfi is an honest politician in their native Lucknow, while Amrita becomes a painter and a lost soul, travelling through Europe before returning, emotionally unstable, to India. Their bond, however, remains strong throughout, until the play reaches its tragic conclusion.

Says Shabana Azmi: “We look forward to playing before the Kathmandu audience, where I believe the theatre world has advanced greatly in recent years. I am also happy to be putting up a play whose proceeds will go to further the rehabilitation of the victims of spinal injuries.”

The proceeds of this play will go toward building halfway homes for the patients of SIRC so they can adjust to their home environment.

“We are happy that the two actors and the director have agreed to our request, and thank the BP Koirala Foundation and the Indian Embassy for their helping hand in making this unique event possible,” says SIRC founder Kanak Mani Dixit.

Tumhari Amrita
Kamal Mani Theatre, Patan Dhoka
16 September, 6PM
Tickets will be available from
31 August at Dhokaima Cafe, Patan Dhoka, 5522113 and
Madhu Shrestha, Jyoti Bhawan, Kantipath, 4252665

Courtesy: Nepali Times